Combinatorics, Lecture 2 (1 Oct 2019)

In Lecture 1, we gave the idea of what a species is and saw a few examples. Now we'll explore the idea more and see more examples. We'll also talk about the connection to generating functions, and some operations that let us build new species from old. Thanks to Tim Hosgood for helping me out … Continue reading Combinatorics, Lecture 2 (1 Oct 2019)

Combinatorics, Lecture 1 (26 Sep 2019)

John Baez is teaching a course on combinatorics this quarter. I'm taking detailed notes and texing them up. I'm also going to start blogging them. Credit to Tim Hosgood for the pictures. Prehistory of the course Larry Harper taught this course in the past. John is going to be talking about combinatorial species. He previously … Continue reading Combinatorics, Lecture 1 (26 Sep 2019)